Why does salt taste sweet latley? my pregnant friend has the same issue.?!

Question: Why does salt taste sweet latley? my pregnant friend has the same issue.?

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Just normal hormonal and thus physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. The taste buds often go wacky when women are pregnant making common foods appear to be bad or different. This is the case with the salt - sweet confusion you are experiencing. It will pass.

Sea salt is sodium chloride with a very small trace amount of minerals. Those that feel that it is better than standard salt are lost to the marketing industry buzz about it. Its just salt.

Many food manufacturers and restaurants are switching to Sea salt, which is *not* 100% sodium cloride. Sea salt contains many other minerals besides salt (but salt is still the major 'ingredient')

Depending on where the sea salt came from it may have a slight sweetness to it.

That's the only thing I can think of.


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