Why Are So Many People Bad At Drinking?!

Question: Why Are So Many People Bad At Drinking?
It seems like everyone i know, has no idea how to drink alcohol properly. My brother and his friends, all 23 or 24, when they drink, just try to down as much as possible before the bars close. Then they get sick, they don't sleep well, and they have horrible hangovers.

I go out, get a few drinks, pace myself and know when to stop. Why do so many people think that drinking as much as possible is the way to go?


Well...I think its because when they get a little bit drunk they feel like they can go on and on...or they like the taste/feeling of the alcohol.


You can hold your alcohol better and they can't.

People naturally seem to gravitate towards competition. If it's "tough" or "cool" to drink more than the next guy, they'll do it to boost their ego and try to impress other people. Plus, the alcohol impairs the judgment that would help them realize that no one really cares how much they drink.

cause they are not south siders, duh!


Immaturity, Irresponsible, Lack of focus on what is important to succeed.



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