Its about half an hour to my 21st birthday?!

Question: Its about half an hour to my 21st birthday?
and I want to know a good drink to order, im a guy btw. Also anyone got any good 21st birthday story's?


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Happy Birthday.

When my son turned 21, we split a 750ml bottle of Chimay Grande Reserve - a Belgian Ale.

In a bar, ask what ales they have. Lagers are for tasteless wimps.

Newcastle Brown Ale or for that matter and English ale.
Blue Moon is an excellent Belgian-style witbier. It tastes almost as good as a woman.

no story, but do know some good stuff to drink
suffer on acid
Long Island Iced Tea
start with that, also remember to wear shoes you can easily take off.

i like what tastes good

three wisemen, it'll put hair on your chest. go to the bars and tell people its your birthday, drink whatever comes your way and be ready to not remember your own name

Don't have any sorry as when I turned 21 I was in Quebec where the drinking age is 18

what I am << getting at >> is that most beer drunk up north is better than in the USA.

Go with your friends, when offered a shot, say "surprise me." It's definitely the right answer.

I don't remember much of my 21st.

you can order good drinks for happy birth day

Whiskey and Sour. My Fav. tastes like lemonade and gets you MESSED UP

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