What the hell is wrong with this guy?!

Question: What the hell is wrong with this guy?
There's this guy that would randomly come to parties and steal alcohol. Like when everyone is away from the kitchen, the guy would have a water bottle and fill it with someone elses liquor and leave

Or just steal beers...Wtf?


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Give him a whack.

Obvious reasons
1. He is underage and can't buy his own
2. He is crashing the party
3. his license was suspended for DUI so he can't drive himself to a liquor store
4. but im going to go with choice " A " and " B " or all of the above

I dunno. Alcoholic and broke, or just bored and smart.

The poet says "A man who is in another's business has none of his own". Think about that.

He's broke and smart

He's 14?

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