Anyone have any recipes involving gin?!

Question: Anyone have any recipes involving gin?
I'm a lover of Gin, and am looking for some new mixtures to try. Please stay away from suggestions that have G&T's, Tom Collins, and of course any Gin Sling or Gin swizzler as I have already tried and enjoyed them.

Thanks for any input!


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I like this but I don't know what its called (the amounts are aproximate-I just pour it in).

1oz Gin
1oz St Germain
4oz Champaigne

or this

muddle some mint and cucumber.
add two ounces gin (preferably Hendricks), one ounce simple syrup and top with soda water
Its kinda like a mojito but much better in my opinion

Myself. I love Gin

Agreeing with the gin and St Germain combo listed above; they work quite well together. My suggestion would be a slightly altered take on the classic gin and tonic:

3 parts tonic
1 part gin
a splash of St Germain (this can be skipped, but it makes the drink all the better)
the juice from a lime wedge (which, if you're doing things the traditional way, should then be placed right in the drink)

Mix together in a rocks glass filled to the rim with ice and enjoy.

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