What's Your Favourite Cocktail?!

Question: What's Your Favourite Cocktail?
BQ: First cocktail you ever drank?


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Neek Neek's TEA: It has Absolut, Decaf. Sweet Tea, Minute Maid Cherry Limeade, and crushed ice.

Absolutely Delicious!

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Cuba Libre: it was made using some of the finest ingredients; standard recipe with three twists.. bartender used a dried and cut vanilla bean as a straw. added pressed juiced from 1 slice of orange. coated the vanilla bean with honey before placing in glass. perfect.

JD & Coke

BQ. Frogger, I usually get it at Kelly's because it's £2 a jug what a price.

my first was a margarita i like those but my favorite is nutcrackers & nemos if u know about them

Blue Hawaiian.

BA: Someone ordered me a Sloe Gin Fizz because they thought I'd like it....

Gin and Tonic

BQ: Margarita

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