Liquor without the taste?!

Question: Liquor without the taste?
I am a twenty three year old female and I need liquor that doesn't taste like it. That actually tastes good! I've been drinking since I was twenty one and still have not acquired a taste for the stuff. But I love the way it feels. I'm drinking for the affect, (to get drunk) is the goal. So the stronger the better but any suggestion would be good. I want to mask the taste but not dilute the effect. I heard that they make some drinks that taste good.


100 proof peppermint schnapps is delicious and it will get you drunk quickly. Some of the good side effects are a.) your breath will smell amazing b.) if you throw up your breath still smells minty fresh c.) its fairly cheap.

as for mixed drinks it all depends what you like in terms of flavours and such. long island ice teas pack a pretty good punch, and taste a lot like ice tea. also get your hands on EVERCLEAR it is over 90% alcohol and has very little flavour. hell of a bite though. but mixed in with punch its okay.


when you hit up the bar ask for a "Blue Hawaii". it tastes mostly like pineapple juice. or you could try a vodka cranberry, i personally dont really taste the vodka. or you could try different wines, alot of my friends are surprised by how much punch it packs. have fun and drink responsibly

Its not very strong but I love Malibu Mango Rum. I can drink it over ice. It is delicious!!! There is also alot of fruit flavored rum and vodka out there. Also try 99 bananas if you like banana. It is good too.

Sex on the Beach taste good and can be made strong with the same taste.
You can find out how to make it and other drinks at the link below.

strawberry margaritas, malibu and pineapple, dr pepper and captain (that one has a bit more bite to it though), amaretto sours

Malibu pinepple, Midori sour. If ya want something a little stronger maybe a mai tai.

Vodka and iced tea or lemonade. It's awesome. Or a long island. If it's made right will do the trick.

All liquor tastes like liquor. That is why its liquor. Drink some rum. Good balance there.

try submarine...

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