What is a good Wine Selection from Biagge's!?!

Question: What is a good Wine Selection from Biagge's!?
For someone that is not a wine drinker, but wife loves a good wine what would someone suggest in ordering from biagge's restaurant?


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For a chain restaurant Biaggi's has a very nice wine menu.
What you order for wine should be determined by what you order for food. The menu is all Italian, so lets just choose between a red or white sauce.
With the red sauce I would go with the Chianti. The Banfi is one of my favorites, but it is also the most expensive at $10 a glass. The house Chianti, Placido "Primavera" is pretty good. I like it much better than the Ruffino. The Clos du Bois Merlot is also very good.
If you are ordering fish or a white sauce, then have the white wine.
Again the house wine from Placido is good and is the best value. If you want to step it up a notch the Falaghina from Italy is fantastic.

I'm a big red wine fan and when at Biaggi's I generally order the Red Diamond Cabernet - it's got a really great flavor. the hayman and hill is also a good cab, but you it lingers more because of the chocolate, so it depends on what she orders to eat. if she's a fan of white wine i would def reccoment the Chateau St Jean charrdonney or the Bricco Riella moscato di asti. hope this helps!

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