How to stop my drunk eyes?!

Question: How to stop my drunk eyes?
I hate going out for it, i drink alcohol and i am a bit of a lightweight and it doesn't seem to matter what i drink i get drunk very quickly... so yes i do drink vodka.
Anyway, when i'm out it doesn't take long until i have terrible drunk eyes + my eyes are just shutting as if they are wanting to go to sleep, i don't have much control over it and basically have to walk around like i have had the biggest shock of my life.
Any tips on how to prevent this...?

I would just like to add that i don't have to be insanely drunk for this to happen, it does it even when i am just slightly tipsy :|


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yes bro dont drink take 20-30mg of valium and smoke a big spliff

ya i dont think there is a way to stop it
happens to me all the time, even the smell of alcohol and my eyes are bloodshot,
its quite annoying

Use eye drops

thatr sucks

close one of them, and the other will be ok

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