what causes hangovers?!

Question: What causes hangovers?
BQ:what's your best hangover cure


It's not so well known perhaps but apart from dehydration which has been mentioned, the main cause of hangovers are what's called congeners, these are toxic chemicals produced during the fermentation process, so it depends to a large extent on the type of drink you like, this link makes interesting reading.


There aren't many good cures for a hangover apart from rest, paracetamol and more water, the best thing is to avoid them in the first place, check with the link which is the best drink for you, and if you can stomach it, drink as much water as you can BEFORE you go to bed.

Alcohol rehab employee.

because you dehydrate if you drink alot of alcohol, to get over a hangover is to drink lots of water and couple of paracetamol, and then a big breakfast

meny hangovers

Alcohol dehydrates you somehow and if you don't replenish the lost fluids, then you wake up with a hangover :)

BQ: A nice long walk, sleep, paracetamol, lots of water and some food.

dehydration, always keep the water flowing while and just after youve beenn drinking, food is always good too. Oh and never mind the coffee, shower etc. the next morning, its all witchcraft

Midol, it has caffiene and relieves bloating, and it will not turn you into a woman

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