Do i have an addiction to tea?!

Question: Do i have an addiction to tea?
I have 2 cups of tea in the morning and 2 in the evening.
I have had this amount for pretty much the last 5 years.
Lately however , when I wake up and get home i feel like somethings missing or not very well until i get a hot cup of tea.I worried now im having too much tea!! Is it bad??


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Switch to green tea. it has more antioxidants and it boosts your metabolism

Your body is probably addicted to the caffeine in the tea. You also might just be attached to the routine of it. It's comforting when something stays the same. If you are really worried about it try just having one cup in the morning at night, and then just one mug a day of it. And you'll ween yourself off of the caffeine, and see if you can go without it.

If your tea has too much caffeine then yes it is bad. Choose Jasmine Tea or Green Tea or any natural herb tea. You can go online to see herb and tea specialties that help. This will make your tea more enjoyable and healthy.
If your tea does not have that much (like very very little) or none then your tea habit is a good habit. Tea provides the body with relaxation both mentally and physically. Tea helps relieve stress and also helps your immune system fight diseases. Tea is a healthy addition to your daily routine. It gives your body good substances, natural ones. I believe if you stick with low or no caffeine tea your habit will be the best habit in the world. Tea helps people in ways that are almost like magic.

It doesn't sound like you are consuming hardly any caffiene enough to make it an addiction. You have just got used to a routine thats all. Try using decaff for a week and see if you can go without the cups of tea the following week. If you can do this then you are not hooked, but it really doesn't sound anything to be worried about. Try have tea at midday instead of the morning...

My dad has around 10-15 cups a day....
He's been drinking like that for at least 30 years....
Now THAT is an addiction :/
But in your case you might just feel like that cause your so used to having tea, it's like when you wake up and you don't wash your face you'll feel weird and icky right? I guess it's the same with the tea situation...

God knows what I've just been going on about but like yeah, I hope you get what I'm trying to say XD

Only 4 cups a day? Your obviously not British! I don't think it's an addiction to tea that you have more likely your a creature of habit and by not having your cup of tea at set times you feel that your days routine as gone to pot. I really wouldn't worry.

Tea is a good thing to be addicted too. 5-6 cups a day is not over doing it. have you tried Green Tea? I stated drinking it, I drink around 6-7 glasses full per day. as I am doing now as I write. Your going to be fine. OK? there are a lot worse things out there, that we could be hooked on.

generally, tea is very good for you. it has very little to no caffeine. 2 cups in the morn and 2 in the evening is actually quite regular for a woman.

tea is chocked with antioxidants, but the caffeine might get ya. maybe switch to decaf at night and maybe have one caffeinated on in the morning

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