Driving after Drinking?!

Question: Driving after Drinking?
18 200 Pounds 5'11 Overweight. Planning on drinking 4-5 shots before i go clubbing. Ill drink around 10ish. If I leave @ around 1:30ish should I be okay to drive or not?


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No, It is a rule of thumb, 1 drink/shot per hour to be able to drive. Period!

Learned the hard way and got a DUI

NO!!! Definitely Not!! do you wish to get a DUI / DWI ? Best to get a cab or a ride from a friend to get you around " clubbing " as you call it. if you did drive, you would get pulled over by the police, have them give you a breathalyzer test and then if you're over the limit ( .08 in OR ) You will end up in jail. you wouldn't want that would you?

This 15 year old girl DRUNK & DROVE and she killed two people; this truck driver and a passenger and the 2 other girls had broken pelvises and are in wheelchairs;the driver only had a sore arm. TO BE HONEST i think your an FAG and just thinking about yourself.

Maybe. If you down 4-5 shots and then wait 2-3 hours before driving or spread them out over 2-3 hours, then you are probably legal. But the usual rule of thumb is one hour per drink.


Never drink and drive!

Even if you feel sober, you may still fail a sobriety test. Happened to my brother just recently, and the repercussions, at least in my state, are horrifying.

Just to be on the safe side I would try to find a designated driver just in case. You don't want to get a DWI or kill anybody. How would you feel if you get a call telling you a loved one was killed because of a drunk driver?

get a taxi or something dont drink n drive or get a designated driver you can kill yourself or someone innocent or both dont do it

No, but hey what's the fun of drinking if there aint any risk involved and by the way if you crash into anybody at that time they shouldn't be out that late!

Don't do it. My teacher did and he killed his beast friend. HIS HEAD WAS CHOPPED OFF BY A TREE! UGGGH!

Teen drinker with parents permission


~The Fat Man

No way!


NO! NEVER. Don't even THINK about it.

no.. you will not be legal.. you get caught or in an accident
and you will be at fault.. pay for a cab or get a ride.

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