How do you maintain the buzz from alcohol without gettin MORE drunk?!

Question: How do you maintain the buzz from alcohol without gettin MORE drunk?
When you reach a point of 'drunkness' were you're satisfied.. What is the best way to maintain this buzz? I could drink more but i'd get more drunk which is not what I want. How long should I wait for my next drink to 'maintain' this state?

Forgive me if any of my grammer is off.. i'm rather tipsy. Trying hard not to misspell :)


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Drink up a good buzz then smoke your way into it.

~The Fat Man

Your body burns off the alcohol at a rate of about 1 drink per hour. so if you drink 1 drink per hour once you've reached your desired state of drunkeness you should be fine. Also water is good because its what prevents hangovers.

I have taken a liquor licensing class.

One beer every 30 to 40 minutes.... What i would do is to switch to light beer and drink one every 15 to 25 minutes.....

It's grammar lol.

Avoid fatty and carb filled foods before drinking - they absorb liquor.

drink water between drinks, alternating every 45 minutes.

well dont drink anymore for like an hour an youll maintain the buzz

drink water in between drinks

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