how long will i be drunk for?!

Question: How long will i be drunk for?
i am 127 lbs and am 5'6'' so like average and have had one shot of vodka, one shot of puerto rican rum, and a half shot of bourban, and a bottle of beer how long will i stay drunk for?
it has been alomost an hour and a half! how long before im no longer drunk and/or pass out?!


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Not soon enough

~The Fat Man

Depends greatly on your metabolism and tolerance to alcohol. Drinking water or
gatorade / powerade will help re-hydrate you, but sobering up might take awhile.

Many years of LEGALLYdrinking alcohol

I don't think your drunk. Your spelling is surprising good and you are typeing at all. I've been drunk and couldn't do either.

hehehe. About 4 hours. Sorry dude. I suggest drinking something to calm down ur tummy or else. Its not gunna be pretty. But just relaxxxx.

my brother.

1 hour 30 minutes

ur out for the day.

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