is mixing water in wine poisonous?!

Question: Is mixing water in wine poisonous?
me n my friends drank my grandmas wine, there was about 30% of it left so I filled the rest of the bottle with water, so she wouldnt notice.
I dont know what to do because she drinks it sometimes.


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It won't hurt her, but when she figures out that someone watered down her wine, well, it might hurt you!

No, it's not poisonous, but your grandma will know.
The best thing to do is tell your grandma the truth.

All the best.

It's not poisonous if you dilute her drink, it's just rude to just drink it in the first place.

no not poisonous, but that wasn't very nice of you. It was downright inconsiderate.

she will notice

~The Fat Man

Of course not.

Common sense

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