Does being drunk make people do things they WANTED to do but couldnt when they were sober?!

Question: Does being drunk make people do things they WANTED to do but couldnt when they were sober?
i know someone whose dad raped her when he was drunk...does that mean he WANTED to rape her but didnt do it when he was sober and when he was drunk he had the courage/confidence to do that nasty act? or does being drunk make you do things without realizing?


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I think it brings out things in people that were there already and just lowers peoples inhibitions.
I don't buy being drunk as an excuse for doing awful things.

No. When you're under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you become someone else (mentally). That said, that doesn't mean that people don't do things that they wanted to do but couldn't when they're sober, when they're drunk. It means that they sometimes do things without realizing.

AMazing Substance abuse education

Alcohol can change a person's personality. This is not a case of the individual being "given courage"
but rather "losing their inhibitions". You could think of it this way----in the drunken state the
individual was too stupid to follow the rules of societal conventions. This does not discharge
the individual from responsibility for their actions---far from it. People who are alcoholics who
have reached the point where they are committing crimes have a problem, know they have
a problem, and still refuse to accept those facts and do anything about it.

I'm sorry but being drunk is NO excuse for what he did.Obviously those thoughts were there before. When I was a drinker,I did sooo many stupid things but most of them were things I would maybe have wanted to do sober,but had inhibitions. He should be shot. It is a very poor excuse for what he did,and can not be excused away.

Probably not. If he was a predator he would have done it when he was sober. Hes obviously a ****** up guy selfish beyond belief. Yes avoid drunk people but not everyone is like this dick head.

It doesn't "make" you but you are less inhibited so are more likely to act the fool.

~The Fat Man


being drunk makes you do very weird things....

it is call no self control
blaming things for bad actions

yes he did

yea you retard! when people die in car accidents when drunk, they actually want to die when sober

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