Any ideas where I can get some absinthe in central Oxford?!

Question: Any ideas where I can get some absinthe in central Oxford?

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You should find plenty of green fairies around the universities!
Or buy Pernod and use your imagination!

If they havnt got it in supermarkets i think there is still a offy down the high street as well as right down walton street [ Grog shop ] There is a newsagents in st clements on the same side as all the shops with loads of wierd spirits for sale , some look lethal and the chap who runs the place is very nice .

I love booze its great , it turns me into the best dancer in the world . And im from Oxford

There's absinthe and there's absinthe. Generally you may be able to find cheaper, lower quality absinthe at some big supermarkets and corner shops.

However there are now specialists who sell a bigger range of absinthe online, allowing you to choose from a wide range of qualities and brands. You just have to be organised enough so that you can wait for a couple of days for the order to be delivered to you. Some of the UK-based online shops include:

Plan ahead, do some research online as to what to buy, and you will be able to buy much better absinthes than you could do by just going into a local shop.

Try any off license, even a tesco express should have it behind the counter!

Anywhere really, otherwise go to a bar but it would be overpriced!


Any liquor store

~The Fat Man

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