Starting birth control, but drinking alcohol the same weekend?!

Question: Starting birth control, but drinking alcohol the same weekend?
i was prescribed birth control for my unregular periods and was planning on taking my first pill today. BUT on Saturday night I'm going to a party and will be drinking lots of alcohol, should I wait to start the pill? or can I start taking it today?

URGENT. thanks!!!


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Don't put your pills in your beer.

~The Fat Man

Thats not a problem unless you get drunk and sleep with someone before your pills have taken affect, which is usually one month's cycle. It's okay to drink in moderation, but excessive drinking can lead to other problems that your body just doesn't need. Smoking is bad when taking the pill.

i say go out and drink acholo dont take pill till next day set the time that you wana start everyday remember if you going to take birth controll pill you have to take it at the same time everyday if you dont it will mess up so be careful

my school i learnd this out and plus i study in a wide veroity of skills

Either don't drink or don't take the pill.
I would suggest not drinking because if you're the kind of person that / who drinks
lots of alcohol I don't know if you'd be a good mother if something were to happen.

Were you planning on not drinking from now on? It doesn't sound like it. Besides, if it has an effect, you just won't have a regular period-that's what you're taking it for. Big deal.

don't drink the alcohol!

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