what is the least harmful cigarette?!

Question: What is the least harmful cigarette?
american spirits?


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They have electrical cigarettes now. I have no idea why.

American Spirits and all other "all natural" tobacco products are full of the same carcinogens and tar and nicotine and naturally occurring poisons as Camel and Marlboro. Yeah, maybe you're not getting a few micrograms of some fertilizer or herbicide or pesticide, but those aren't the things on top of the "killing you" list.

There's no "least harmful" cigarette. It's like asking what's the least harmful gun to use in Russian Roulette.

Herbal cigarettes. They are tobacco free and nicotine free. Some good brands to smoke are Herbal Ecstasy, Smokin Joe's Herbal Gold and Honeyrose.

I've tried them and find them very decent.

Talking from experience. I used to be a cigarette smoker but already quit those and switched to cigars. I also do social media for BnBTobacco.com and have represented them online.

Cigarettes are harmful. Period. Ask the people in the cancer section on Yahoo answers and they'll confirm this. Low tar cigarettes are slightly less damaging, but many of the other chemicals put into cigarettes are also caginogenic (cancer-causing), so just steer clear or get yourself some nicotine gum ;-)

American Spirits have no chemicals added to them, so yeah those.

they all kill you the same golds are the same as reds they're just different flavors, your better off asking what rat poison will kill you slower if you drink it.

Why do you want to know? Your not gonna smoke, are you?


The one you don't smoke.

no such thing.

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