What's a good alcoholic drink that could also get you drunk quickly?!

Question: What's a good alcoholic drink that could also get you drunk quickly?

crunk juice, sparks, four lokos

Long Island Icetea.... Tastes delicious, but is almost all alcohol..

Personally, I prefer just taking straight shots though.

mikes harder lemonade

and fourlokos... even tho they took the caffeine out... i still wouldn't recommend shot gunning one of those :-p

I seriously honestly thinks it depends on the person.
Baileys Irish Cream is great :)
Got me drunk as hell but its only like 17% alcohol. haha
I'm a weak one!!

anything sweet, youll drink more and quicker cause it tastes better, then BAM, it hits you.

Martinis. Forget almost, they ARE all alcohol.




lots of vodka, whisky, anything with a high alcohol %

Vodka. A half bottle of that will do it.

Drinking is bad for you. I wouldn't recommend it.

drinking is bad why do you wanna know that ?????

long island ice tear

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