Has anyone had their money taken from them when buying alcohol?!

Question: Has anyone had their money taken from them when buying alcohol?
Now I hear a lot of underage kids around the 16 year old mark ask drunks/bums near the liquor store to buy them alcohol. They say something like, "Hey dude, buy me [insert alcohol drink here] and I'll let you keep the change."
Has anyone actually tried this and then the person has ran off with your money or dobbed you in?


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yeah always ask a wigger they will buy it for you and not steal your money cause they usually want to get you hooked smoking weed and buy from them

I have turned in teens for trying this with me before. I'm not homeless just friendly looking and seldom clean shaven. The reason I turned them in was to protect my friends who run that package store. The place can get in trouble for that kind of thing and I believe in protecting those who provide me with beer. I would not recommend trying that.

Im fifteen and i dont ask homeless people what you gotta do is find a guy that looks chill and pull a "hey Mister" or "Shoulder Tap" then say can you buy me lets say a 36 and then give him lik a 5 dollar tip but hang aorund outside to make sure he doesnt rob you

I have friends that used to do that for me all the time when I was younger and I I didnt even let them keep the change. They was of age and offered. So no, plus that would by kinda stupid. On the account of half the time you know where this people live.

Never happened to me. But I never asked a stranger. I have heard of it happening. And theres not much you can do.

no, it didn't. by the way i don't drink,also but i heard of it

I don't drink

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