Anyone know about Boone's Farm? or a cheap drunk?!

Question: Anyone know about Boone's Farm? or a cheap drunk?
My father-in-law recommended 'Mad Dog' and I read online that a wine called 'Boone's Farm' can get me trashed for four dollars. Does Boone's farm actually get you messed up? If I drink one bottle, will that do it? Also, is it sold in you everyday liquor store? I have the exact same questions about Mad Dog. Thank you everyone in advance, you're very sweet for giving me your input.


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This website will tell you all you need to know about a cheap drunk. I would advise against it, though.

Yes. Both will get you messed up. Yes. One bottle will. Maybe two.

I dont remember what Boones Farm tasted like, but I remember Mad Dog 20/20 tastes awesome. I was amazed it was so cheap and tasted so good.

It was the only time I drank it.


the next day I had such a bad hangover, I thought it wasn't a hangover but I bursted blood vessels in my head, or I had brain cancer or something. It felt like every blood vessel in my head was filled with concrete and throwing up made it even worse. If you ever broke a bone, it feels like that except in your head and for at least a day.

The high sugar content in any alcoholic beverage will give you a bad hangover. Coupled with the fact that malt liquor is notorious for a bad hangover, MD 20/20 will mess you up.

I'd get grain alcohol instead and mix it with Coke or Gatorade or something, but you might as well try it once.

anything on this list will get you knocked out, f-ed up and hating your self for trying it.....go for cisco blue!

maddog is malt liquor, so its your run of the mill 40oz. boones farm is really sweet but nothing compared to what i have listed.

Well it will get u a lil tipsy if you dont do a lot of drinking already...Mad Dog will get u more busted though...Or u can get some White Port(that's wine) and pour a lil bit of Lemonade Koolaid in it.. wateva u safe. :)

It's nasty, both the taste and the hangover. Better off to get cheap vodka and Koolaid.

Try thunderbird .

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