Are there any "Sweet" white wines?!

Question: Are there any "Sweet" white wines?
As far as I know only red wines are sweet (well, some of them).

Are there white wines which are also sweet (i.e. except Champagne)?


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There are many types of sweet white wine produced around the world. "Sweet" simply refers to the fact that there is some level of residual sugar in the wine which makes the wine taste sweet. However, this can vary considerably from just slightly off-dry (just slightly sweet) to super, sticky sweet, and everything in between. Therefore, sweet is a misleading term if used alone...what you really want to know is "how sweet?"
If you are looking for a nice sweet white wine, try Riesling.
Riesling can be dry, semi-sweet or sweet, so make sure to read label.
Other “sweet” (aka “off-dry”) white wines to experiment with are Gewurztraminer from Alsace (France) or Moscato from pretty much anywhere. Some very nice Moscato wines are produced in California and can be found even at Trader Joes. Try them. Moscato d’Asti is an Italian fizzy low-alchohol wine that is sweet enough to be served with dessert. If you have a good wine merchant, another wine you might ask for is an “off-dry” (meaning slightly sweet) version of Chenin Blanc. The more you experiment, the more you will learn what pleases you.

look for a full bodied white wine, there are loads available.

a great wine and for fairly cheap too is Wolfblass or try Liebfrauenmilch (not as nice) check out the label and look for the first pressing wine, the first pressing of grapes is often the sweetest with the most flavour, anything after that is sharper and crispy.

ask the alcohol store that you're buying it from for a hand in which one would be best for you.

another tip is to add lemonade to your wine, this sometimes sweetens up a glass, but don't do it to red wine.

Sure there are also champagnes. If you don't buy dry/sec it will be sweet. Also Sauternes from France or Liebfrauenmilch from Germany are sweet.

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