Do they sell cigarettes that are completely organic?!

Question: Do they sell cigarettes that are completely organic?
And that don't contribute to cancer, have any chemicals, etc.?


You may not be able to go into a traditional grocery store and purchase organic tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars yet. However, as the demand for organic products increase these products may start to become more readily available.

Specialty tobacco shops, as well as natural food stores, may carry organic tobacco. There are some natural food stores that will not carry tobacco, either as a result of licensing requirements or out of a moral stance against any tobacco products. If you cannot find a local merchant who carries organic tobacco products then it may be worth it to make a formal request for this product to be added to the products offered through the store. Some stores will add items to inventory if they know that there is a potential market for it within the community.


The Internet offers a wide variety of options for people who want to purchase organic and natural tobacco products. You can find cigarettes that are ready to smoke or you can purchase organic rolling papers to roll your own. Keep in mind that visiting most online merchants for tobacco products will require you to verify that you are of legal smoking age before allowing you to view the website.

Here is a brief list of websites for some of the companies that offer organic tobacco products:…

American Spirits advertise no additives, but this does not make them any safer than a regular cigarette.…

any cig will contribute to getting cancer, but my favorite all natural smoke is a nat sherman natural

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