if you consume more than 3 drinks or more alone every week are you an alcoholic?!

Question: If you consume more than 3 drinks or more alone every week are you an alcoholic?
hahahah see i drink alone 97 percent of the time and get drunk alone mostly than when i am social hahaha i love drinking and being drunk alone! always have been comfortable with it! =]:) i also have asperger's syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder! hahaha! i usually cant stop after two drinks and i have driven drunk at least 20-30 times maybe 10 were when i was visibly intoxicated lol and my birth mom is an alcoholic her mom is one and there mom and dad were to lol i also think i need alcohol and i do get drunk and drink if im depressed or to forget about my problems also! lol and i dislike being completley sober! being sober sucks and i drink to get drunk and at least legally drunk! i am a 20 year old male from the Canadian Prairies! =]:) so am i a problem drinker/alcoholic addict?


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An alcoholic NEEDS to drink every day.

That doesn't mean you din't have a drink problem though

Well, you obviously have a drinking problem; that makes you an alcoholic.
Drinking alone, getting drunk, comfortable, can't stop, driving drunk, & parents; are all signs.
Get in touch with your local Al-anon group for some counselling help.

Well, it sounds pretty obvious that you have a problem and that you know you have a problem with alcohol, you do things that are dangerous not only to yourself, but also to others with no sense of wanting to stop

so yes,

you sound like an alcholic, because you sound like someone who uses alcohol to drown away their problems and painful past but most of all, you seem unable to take control of your drinking problem, that's really what makes you an alcoholic, at least in my mind

btw, you don't need to become your parents, go and get help, it's never too late

NO!!! Even if that 3 drinks were on the same day you are not an alcoholic. Drinking alone has no baring on alcoholism. Does eating food alone make a person a foodaholicc? Perhaps a person is reading a book and having a drink or two or three while reading, this would not automatically mean they were an alcoholic. Shy comes to mind.
Now the details come out. driving drunk is a definite problem. The asperger's syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder is your issue. Control them and you have no alcohol issue. There is a possibility that they are altering your decisions and your actions. I am beginning to sense a troll condition. In any case you can get a health evaluation, I figure you have if you know you have this disorders. Talk to them about what to do.

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