How to convert 95% alcohol to absolute alcohol ??!

Question: How to convert 95% alcohol to absolute alcohol ??

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Bottom Flosser, don't correct people until you know what you are talking about. Your dad is the chemist, not you.

Absolute alcohol is dried using sulfuric acid. Further, it has to be kept completely dry. Exposing it to the humidity in the air allows it to pick up that water, so it is no longer absolute.

Need I mention that you do not want to drink it?

You have to distill it by heating it to the boiling point of the alcohol, but below the boiling point of water. This requires specific equipment and knowledge. Don't try it. You will catch yourself on fire/blow up your house/burn something down if you don't get it perfect.

That said, why would you even want to get 100% pure alcohol? Even 95% alcohol is undrinkable unless mixed.

You can't, at least not in a way that's safe to drink. Water and alcohol form an azeotrope* at 95.5% alcohol and you cannot change that without adding in dangerous non-water solutes. Why would you need 100% alcohol anyway?

*Stable mixture which cannot be changed by boiling.

Distill it Over and over untill you get your gravity point. But it`s Illegal and would kill you at 100%. I don`t know what your doing with Even 95% in your person, Nick it from a Chemist?????. Buy some surgical Spirit . Thats around 100%.. All the Alco`s ive seen on the street do. Oh and Eiliat. You CAN get it to and Above 100% Proof My Dad was an Industrial Chemist, Thankyou. Smarty pants!

You can boil it and condense the steam, but it won't do you much good. 198 proof or 99% is as pure as you can possible get.

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