Ii dont think my 24 hour yeast worked that good?!

Question: Ii dont think my 24 hour yeast worked that good?
i made a 5 gal bucket of mash with 24 hour turbo last weekend and this weekend i checked it and it smell weird and when i took the lid off it was bubbleing and smelt like bad champagne wats wrong with it and should i let it sit for another week


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Whoo, boy. Did they ever see you coming! Next time, get champagne yeast if you want something that tolerates a high percentage of alcohol. This time, let the yeast work for a couple of weeks, then rack the liquid off the lees to a glass carboy for another two weeks.

it means it`s Fermenting and it is supposed to smell it`s Alive Yeast is a Live organism. SO No it Has worked Stick it in the Batch. and make your brew you`ve already left it too long already, it may die, but you`ll get one hell of a Fast brew and a STRONG one Too. good luck. Add some more sugar to the Batch to feed the Yeast

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