Is it wrong to get drunk when your 13?!

Question: Is it wrong to get drunk when your 13?
is it wrong to get proper drunk when your 13 (but only on special occasions??)


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One time, no but many times is not good. What you may have heard about growth and growth being altered or stopped is true. The biggest concern should be the brain. I'd say getting drunk once a year from the age 13 on is not a big deal either but no more. You must at least consider that some people in medical circles and research will say that drinking at a young age makes it more likely that that person will become an alcoholic as an adult. At least consider that. It is better not to but IF only once a year it should not be a big problem.

Well it's illegal, but if you're not going to listen to that then most people see that as wrong, but in the end, it depends on your own, right or wrong. I would advise you not to do it, but it's your own choice. Not to mention, that there are a lot of things that can happen to people that get drunk under the age limit.

I was getting smashed when I was 13, and I'm only 17 now (so still not legal where I live.. ah well) but I'd have to say I don't think it's "wrong". That doesn't mean I think it's a good idea, or you should be doing it, but rather this:

Don't get drunk now. If you want to have the odd drink on special occasions, fine. But really getting of your face now is not good for developmental reasons. I'm honestly lucky that I haven't spiraled into something worse with how early I started, as a lot of people I know have. Some of my best friends, who I started drinking with - all of us 12-13 - moved onto other (worse) **** as they got a bit older, about 15, because alcohol was no longer new and exciting and different. There's plenty of time for you to experience it, but I'd put it off till you're older. Hell, I probably shouldn't really be drinking (for reasons other than legal ones) and I'm legal in a couple of months.

I think that on special occasions, like your birthday, xmas, new year etc it is ok for you to have a drink or two if supervised by adults. Im sorry but 13 is too young to be getting wasted. I think it's dangerous too.
Trust me, you have your whole life to go out and get drunk with your mates and have fun. Your early twenties are all about that.

There's nothing wrong with it. I started getting really drunk when I was 10. Since then I've had several accomplishments.

I had a successful liver transplant, I got a job without a high school diploma, I settled all my drunk driving charges, and now I'm a senior member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I could never have done any of these things if I stayed sober.

yep but i do it (im 13 too :) ) so i cant really talk, i only been like completely off my face twice and the other times i was just....lightheaded?
got drunk last night(off my face) and my head is killing me, iv decided to only get tipsy, not drunk as that just hurts like f*ck for the next day :/

Technically yeah but I'm not one to really say anything. I was a alcoholic at 13 I'd go to school to pass out an get some sleep. I started when I was like 8 drinking beer though so I wouldn't suggest going by my example. I grew in a small country town in the south where there was nothing to do but drink. So from my experience I'd say wait till your 21.

what is proper drunk? and you know how many little kids get raped kidnapped turn to alcoholics and move on to other drugs because they started drinking to early. getting drunk isn't that serious that you cant wait

The body is not yet completely grown at 13 and alcohol is not that good for health, that is why it is better to eat and drink properly in order to be healthy when you are adult.

It is wrong to drink at 13 in public as your not the legal age, at a private party such as a family wedding or birthday one small drink is ok but to get drunk is not a good thing at your age

Man I'm all for drinking.. But yeah 13 is wayy too early.

I think the legal age is entirely too high, but I'd never recomend it for anyone under 17.

Yes. I'm not necessarily saying wait until you're legal to drink (I didn't), but 13 is pushing it. Your body is still developing.

Yeah because you haven't even hit the legal age to drink.

Very Wrong

considering it's illegal, yes.

no, i did..


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