What can make you feel better after drinking when you are sick?!

Question: What can make you feel better after drinking when you are sick?

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Take a sleeping pill and sleep it off.
Pepto Bismol.
Ginger Ale.
Have a Peppermint Tea.
Take Alleve.
Drink lots of fluids like Gatorade.
Drink some more and postpone the hangover (LOL & j/k)

If you have a headache I know this will sound random but it really works, put cucumber on your temples and center of your forehead, it absorbs the pain. And if your vomiting/ upset stomach just take a gravol and a vitamin E pill, always works.

Ive Worked with herbal remedies

take some aspirin while you are drinking, usually counteracts the spinning. Drink a big glass of water to dilute alcohol.

I suggest Pedialyte. Works great for hangovers. Nobody believes me until they actually relent and give it a try. Usually works within 1/2 hour or so.

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Need to feel better while you're drinking, somethings not working right, you may want to switch brands

you mean your hangover? i usually like a nice big breakfast with toast, eggs, sausage and bacon. carbs make you feel MUCH better.

Eat Pickles ! The salt is good for you . Then make sure you drink tons of water or Gatorade .

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