Alcohol is making me nauseas before drunk?!

Question: Alcohol is making me nauseas before drunk?
Which mean I can never get anywhere near drunkness beofre feeling the need to throw up. As a first year student I drank a lot through the first semester and could tolerate A LOT of alcohol and never got sick from it, but during Christmas where I drank little and now even the slightest drink upset my stomach. A long with that I have slightly lost my appetite lately. Is this a condition or is it in my head? Ulcer? I dunno, it's frustrating as hell :P


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Consider it a blessing in disguise.

Your liver is probably damaged to heavy drinking, and I would hold off on drinking for about 4-6 months and see if you still have symptoms. If your eyes and skin start looking yellow that will represent a failing liver goto doctor and have them check you out.

Well some of us could just have week stomachs, or we have cancers and genetic illness, organ deformities. The logical answer is to see a doctor, but if your a bitter son of a b*tch like me you will drink more and wait to die.

ur either allergic or u cant hold ur alcohol

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