is water good source to get over a hangover?!

Question: Is water good source to get over a hangover?

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It'll help. Try menudo or Mongolian BBQ. That coupled with a couple aspirin always works for me

Yes. The symptoms you experience when you have a hangover are cause by your body being dehydrated. It takes a lot of water to process alcohol in your system, you need to replenish your water. The brain, liver and stomach/intestines need to have the water replaced they used to process the alcohol. So yes, lots of water.

yes water is always good, alcohol makes you dehydrated. if your drinking tons of water you also need salt. salt contains water in the body also grants you electrolytes. my remedy has always been a big breakfast, much salt and alot of liquids, always does the trick;)


Last thing i do before i go to bed after ive been on lash is drink a glass of water roughly half to 1 pint & i never suffer hangovers, be sure to go to the toilet before bed too.......

Its good but personally everyone is different. I know people that sleeping gets it over. Others eating, me personally, I drink Milk believe it or not. Once I do, after like an hour, it's all gone.

btw: cheers

Very good to rehydrate your dehydrated body after a night of boozing.

That's a start. Gatorade is good too since you're replacing electrolytes.

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