My dad gave me beer and i feel sick?!

Question: My dad gave me beer and i feel sick?
what do i do i tried putting my fingers down my throat but its no working and my mom is gonna be mad


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He was probably trying to teach you a lesson. Did it work?

Ick, beer.

Get some water, takea shower, Paracetomol and some sleep. Symptons will be gone later. Also brush your teeth.Will get rid of any smel..

Just relax.
Your going to be fine, nothing is going to happen to you.
Wait for it to ware off.

Water, gatorade, aspirin and sleep. Not much else you can do.

Uh oh, sounds like your dad slipped some rohypnol in your drink. My advice is to lock your bedroom door and duck tape your underwear on.

Just get some sleep and when you wake up, feelings should be gone.

Drink a soda and go to bed.

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