Is Bud American owned?!

Question: Is Bud American owned?

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It was up until 2008, when Anheuser Busch was sold to InBev (a Belgian company famous for Stella Artois beer).
But it's still "American made" at breweries in St. Louis, Newark, L.A., Williamsburg, Houston, etc.

I remember the news when it was sold

Not any more. Miller is another old brand that's owned by someone else. If you really want an American beer, try visiting some of the craft breweries in your area. Some of the bigger ones are Samuel Adams, Anchor Steam, and Dogfish Head.

Boy is right it is Belgian owned (InBev). But the Czech Bud is state owned by the Czech Government.

InBev of Belgium is changing those Clydesdale's shoes now.

Belgian owned (InBev)

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