What is the specific type of tobacco that is used for cigars?!

Question: What is the specific type of tobacco that is used for cigars?
What are some kinds of tobacco used in cigars? Any help is appreciated


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cigar tobacco

~The Fat Man

There is a list of tobacco types at

Of these, Cavendish and Shade Tobacco may interested you the most.

Whatever type of tobacco you use, it has to be cured, fermented, and aged
before you roll it into cigars. So while type is important, how a tobacco is cured,
how it is fermented, and how it is aged are also determinants of flavor.

Due to changes in Federal law, anyone can grow tobacco. The problem is
that a lot of equipment is needed to cure, age, and ferment. Therefore, you
need a source for leaf that is cigar ready. Here are some sources I have found:

My best advice is to talk to some tobacco farmers in VA and NC and learn
where cigar ready tobacco is sold. Remember preferences in tobacco flavor
are wide-spread. I smoke small cigars and a pipe and can tell you it's hard
to find a flavor you and a friend both like.

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