if a 13 year old drank alcohol, what should be the punishment?!

Question: If a 13 year old drank alcohol, what should be the punishment?
my parents have grounded me for a week because i drank four loko(not knowing it was alcohol , i thought it was an energy drink) .


LMAO! its ok iguess...they shouldnt of grounded u..if u didnt noe o_O

Ok that i am not buying you knew you were feeling different. do your self a favor and leave the drinking alone!!!! it will cause you a lot of problems and at 13 you knew the difference. just be a kid right now you will have plenty of grown up times lets make sure you get to grow up first.

I think you got off lightly stay away from energy drinks also they are not needed just eat well in the first place and you do not need caffeine and similar drugs at your age.

Military camp to set you straight. Everyone knows Four Loco is alcohol/caffeine.

You are getting off much too easy. I am sure you thought it was an energy drink.

death by firing squad

they should have sent you to do community service for lying too...

Better take what you got. Sounds pretty light to me, but you never met my old man.

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