Im looking for a very light kind of beer to start drinking?!

Question: Im looking for a very light kind of beer to start drinking?
Im looking for a beer thats really light and has basically no taste. Currently i drink smirnoff, mikes hard ect...because i cant stand the taste of beer. but i want to start drinking it. Any suggestions for a good starter very mild beer?


Go with Michelob Ultra or Miller 64.... very low cal, therefore, very little flavor, then you can "graduate" little by little to actual beer with flavoe... I would go in this order....
Mich ultra
Coors Lt then
bud lt
Miller lt etc.....

stella and corona are NOT light flavored beers, if you dont like the taste of beer, you'll HATE corona. i agree with Miss Rhonda, Michelob Ultra is probably the most flavorless beer there is, then as Rhonda said, you can gradulate to more full bodied beer little by little!!! Corona... gimme a break!!!

Really light beer like American crap lager is an insult to beer and is only drunk by people with no taste or women. Ale tastes like ale depending on the style. If you don't like it, don't drink it.

If you ront whant to start out llight try miiller high life my aunt says its realy good

My aunt

dude, if ur gonna drink beer, i heard it's healthier to drink light colored beer and not dark colored beer


The 1000s of people I've seen putting lemon in it to give it some flavour.

Stella Artois or Corona is nice. I also like Harps.

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