What's worse? Alcohol or tobacco?!

Question: What's worse? Alcohol or tobacco?

Tobacco without a doubt. Its addictive, so you can't really use it in moderation, which you can do with alcohol.

Granted alcohol isn't much better, since people are insistent on abusing it and getting wasted and crashing cars or destroying relationships.

Alcohol has had its problems since discovered by Neolithic Man centuries ago. Tobacco, on the other hand, is physically addictive, and harder to quit than cocaine. Nicotine changes your digestive processes, so when you give up tobacco, your stomach and intestines hurt for 3 months. Only heroin and other opiates are more difficult to quit than tobacco, and it is NOT POSSIBLE to ever withdraw from those. Besides, to a non-smoker, tobacco stinks worse than any cat box or outhouse in the world. I call smokers diaper-lickers, because they get something as stenchy as a cigarette near their face. Stench sticks (cigarettes) should be banned. The one thing that makes tobacco better than alcohol is that no one ever died in a car crash because somebody had to many smokes. Lighting one up, maybe (distraction). Prof. John Kitchin, psychology

equally bad. smoking harms your heart, lungs, teeth, mouth, etc while alcohol ruins your liver and hurts your heart and many other things...possibly your reputation (ha)....in less quantities, alcohol is more accepted.

Tobacco has worse long term effect and can cause cancer. Alcohol is also bad when taking a large amount.

alcohol get your liver
tobacco get your lungs

they are both terribly bad but tobacco is

my peer advisory teacher

Tobacco, but both are the worst drugs anyone could possibly use.

Tobacco probably, because it's addictive.

In terms of how much harm it does society, junk food is worse than either of those.


Depends... do you want to die tonight or die 40 years from now of lung cancer? Really... they both have their risks.

tobacco.....look at the irish they drink all the time



Apples and Oranges...

what kind of tobacco are you talking abt

Both will kill you and your family upon contact with the skin.

Health class

Worse is "how much"

Both are bad for you.

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