Can someone tell me the name of this drink?!

Question: Can someone tell me the name of this drink?
i asked some guy at the bar to surprise me when buying me a drink but now im going crazy just to find the name of it!

the drink tasted lemony and was not very harsh at all.
it was bright yellow.
my friend who tasted it also said it might be tequila


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Was it a shot? if so probably a lemon drop. tequila is a very strong liquor that would be hard to cover up even with lemon, so if it was not harsh probably not tequila. a lemon drop has vodka, (citrus vodka typically) sour mix and sometimes a splash of sprite poured in a shot with a sugar rim. yum!

Tequila Sunrise. But bright yellow? Maybe Tequila Noon.

Sounds like a Lemon Drop, but can't be sure need a little more info.
Maybe you can find it here

Lemon Drop.

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