Would it be bad to drink Jagermeister and vodka in the same night?!

Question: Would it be bad to drink Jagermeister and vodka in the same night?
Like i mean having a few shots of jagermeister at home before i go out like jager bombs and then drinking about the 200ml bottle of vodka mixed with another drink like coca cola. Would it make me sick or anything??


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jager is a great way for me to get a hangover, but normally i', drinking that and a bunch more than vodka

mixing drinks usually gives a bad hang over especially when u r drinking too much...the same concoction gave me severe nausea the next morning!

No. no, no. Go ahead. You'll have lots of fun. Wear open shoes w/o socks, though. They're easier to clean.

well doesnt seem like you will be drinking to much so i say go for it... might just end up giving u a bad hangover

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