Is it mandatory to have a mullet if you sell moonshine.?!

Question: Is it mandatory to have a mullet if you sell moonshine.?

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shut the **** up miss daisy


Is it mandatory that all Zack's are *ssholes?

If you get so far as to meet a bootlegger in the flesh (let alone a moonshiner that actually makes the stuff), keep your mouth shut, son. People that sell it know an idiot when they see one, you don't have to advertise. Workin' men got no time for your nonsense.

In any case you'll be walkin' home with nothin' but your hands in your pockets, like a proper wanker.

You don't know your elbow from your ear, but you can denegrate the very people who know better than you.

Fie on you and may you go dry.

Most of the runners and 'leggers I ever knew had bitchin' pompadors usually with equally bitchin' sideburns, or a straight crew cut, and they didn't give a f*ck if they weren't in fashion. They generally smell of lucky tiger pomade, are fresh washed and clean shaved, almost always wear bibbed overalls, Shitkickers laced up to the top and tied right, clean cotton shirt buttoned to the top button, with optional bowtie, sweat stained felt or straw hat, and barn coat. They invariably chain smoke, usually unfiltered, and usually leave that last 1/4" of their last ciggy magically hanging from their lower lip until they get a fresh pack.

They generally have the coolest transport trucks, i.e. '37 GMC 1 ton, '50 Chevy 1/2 ton, '54 Ford COE with wood flatbed, etc., basically because they take care of the things that were handed down to them on the farm their grandfathers built.

They are cooler than you will ever be, without even trying. They are just living life and mindin' their own business, and like their trucks they are just surviving on the farm.

So to answer your question, if the person doesn't have his head up his ars, has good product made by a trusted local 'shiner, a sturdy vehicle and a better knowledge of the back roads than the ATF, then it shouldn't matter if you think his hair cut is stylish or not.

You got a lot o' learnin' ahead boyo, and it's got nae to do with moonshine.

If you don't have a mullet, some one will sik the dogs on you

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