Was I roofied or drunk?!

Question: Was I roofied or drunk?
So the other night I went to a fraternity party and took a few shots at about 1130, then a few more till 130. I've drank before so it's not my first time. I remember when I woke up the next morning in my room my pants were unbuttoned, my breath smelled like puke and I felt awful. I didn't wake until 1130 and had been in bed by 330 (because thats when someone called my roommate to find out my room number. I would've just thought I was drunk but I remember being in a room and dancing and then I literally cannot remember anything after that. It wasn't like I was gettitng gradually more drunk (like I would've normally). Is it possible that I was roofied? How would I have reacted if I did get roofied? Or was I just blacked out? Im just scared and dont know much about the effects of roofie and want to know if that could've happened.


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Your story seems fishy. However, the first thing I would do if I was as scared as you claim to be, would be to schedule an appointment to be checked for STDs, not go looking on Yahoo Answers. lol
You also said you would normally have just continued to get drunker. Well, my advice to that is pretty predictable: Quit drinking.

half a brain.

The odds of you getting "roofied" are so low as to be almost nil. You are talking about a drug that is only used in veterinary science and that has many cheaper alternatives. It is scheduled and illegal to have without being a veterinarian and having a use for it. Any veterinarian that supplied to to someone else would have there license revoked. Not something a veterinarian would do.

Are were simply drunk and lack experience being drunk. You simply drank so much that you blacked out and can not remember what happened. I would suggest you learn to drink less.

It sounds like you just blacked out. It doesn't happen gradually, it sneaks up on you. If you're worried about being drugged, go get checked out by the doctor but I think you just drank too much.

I think you were.If you were just a little drunk you would have woke up,or remembered at least something.You were drugged with something.

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