What would you like to ask?Will I be able to taste the vodka in a Bloody Mary?!

Question: What would you like to ask?Will I be able to taste the vodka in a Bloody Mary?
I bought some Bloody Mary mix 9regular kind, not spicy) and I know vodka goes with it. I HATE the taste of vodka but love Bloody Mary's. I've only had a Bloody Mary a couple of times. I was going to buy a cheap bottle of vodka to mix in with my mix. The recipe is 5 ounces of Bloody Mary mix and 1 ounce of vodka. If I buy some cheap vodka, will I be able to taste it in my drink? I know cheaper vodka probably isn't as good so I didn't know.


You are better off buying a quality vodka or it could taste bad. Good quality vodka doesn't have a bad taste. You can also buy a peppery vodka, really good in a Bloody Mary.

Not tasting the vodka in a bloody mary is all about how you mix it. The bloody mary mix is very thick and heavy and vodka is very light and thin. It's hard to get them together sometimes.

Do NOT attempt to stir it. If you don't have a shaker do this:

Get two pint glasses, or two glasses that are the same size. Put your ice, mix, and vodka in one glass. Pour everything into the second glass, now pour it back into the original glass. It should be perfectly mixed now.

The only time I stir a bloody mary is if I am forced to because I am on an airplane.

you may still taste it

it wouldn't kill you to replace it with the spirit of your choice:
whiskey, rum, tequila, etc

it won't be a traditional bloody mary, but if you don't like vodka, you can still drink something close.

Cheap vodka does taste bad. Good vodka has no flavor. Try Absolut or Grey Goose. Try a hot pepper flavored vodka if you like spicy. It's a shame to mix a good vodka, but it's the best option if you want a BMary and can't drink cheap vodka.

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