Are shots of vodka usually cold or just room temperature?!

Question: Are shots of vodka usually cold or just room temperature?
Sorry, i usually drink beer haha.


Vodka is usually served very cold, in fact many people store it in the freezer. Vodka is also the choice liquor of winter themed "ice bars" where anything from the shot glasses to the bar and barstools is made of ice...maybe even done in an outdoor or unheated winter shelter like an igloo.

I prefer my vodka as cold as it can get. Usually brown liquors, like whisk(e)y and spiced rum are served at room temperature. Vodka is usually cold.

Room temperature.

Usualy ice cold , ceep your vodka in the freezer if you want to take shots

I keep Stoli in the freezer.

depende si deseas sentir el verdadero sabor al clima, ahora si lo mezclas con algo por lo general es frio con hielo....

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