Do I have a problem with alcohol?!

Question: Do I have a problem with alcohol?
I drink about 2-4 beers a night. I just like to drink to help me relax and to help me sleep. I never got any DUI's Never been in trouble with the law. It Never interferes with my job or relationships. My friend keeps telling me i do and he is a recovered alcoholic. But he was a lot worse then i am.


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Nope no problem , nothing wrong with a couple brews after dinner .

Chances are your friend is concerned because he knows the dangers of alcoholism first hand. He may be a little more concerned than is necessary, or you may not be being entirely truthful about how much you are really drinking.

Having more than two beers at a time is above average, and needing to drink to relax or sleep is a warning sign you should be aware of.

Cutting back to 1-2 drinks per day would be a good idea, and even no drinks some days would be even better! Don't allow your alcohol intake to become an integral part of who you are, and don't allow yourself to make anticipation of your next drink to become the focus of your life. If it does, you are definitely in trouble!

if you feel you need 2-4 beers everynight to help you relax and sleep then it IS interfering with your life therefore is a problem~
Im glad you've never gotten any DUI's or that you've not been in trouble with the law..but it's not healthy to drink up to 4beers a night in order to help u relax or sleep*
Maybe an appt at the doctors for a checkup would be a good place to start,. Perhaps your iron or something is low.....eventually the 4 beers a night isn't going to work anymore....and you'll think well one more beer should do the trick....Find out WHY you're not able to Relax Or Sleep soundly through the night instead of reaching for a beer*
Your friends problem may have been much worse ...but that's not the point....why wait till it's too late? Your well being is more important, so my advice would be make an appt with the doctors and see whats up*
Also, try exercising, or going for a walk........after dinner each night......then soak in a a book........this will perhaps help you to relax by burning off energy/steam........and then quiet yourself down........relaxing with mellow music ?? then going to sleep in a restful state of mind*
goodluck to u*

OMG hell no!! This is just one of a million ways our liberal culture wants to make you feel inadequate, irresponsible so they can dumm down our society so they can slowly socialize our country, divide,control and conquer. Sounds crazy "yes" but true. Have you been to other is well know for emplyees to take lunch during work and have a couple beers and then go back. I know friends from Europe that have a completely different attitude about drinking as we do here and frankly, they seem to be more educated, common sense and realistic then us Western folk. Don't let people make you feel guilty. If you were a 24-7 alcoholic thats a different story.

BTW...what the hell is the point in having one beer! My God all these people who care about your health!!LOL!!! Alcohol has been around since the beginning of time "Live and Let Live!" All these experts....they don't know your tolerance. Like I said, as long as your not a drunken fool causing chaos and being irresponsible your fine.

it'll interfere along with making you fatter, screw with your digestion and sleep habits.. over time.

the triglycerides and other chemical adjuncts (oh and those pesky sulfates) will eventually build up in your digestive tract, causing gerd... among other issues.

especially that OTC crap.

Needing isn't a good thing. Wanting is fine. But since you can limit yourself I think you are okay, besides 2-4 can't doesn't do alot to most ppl.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

No problem, but take a break every 2 or 3 days off. I hope that is quality ale, not chemically induced crap aka Bud, Miller, Corona etc.

in my opinion you don't have a problem.


Well its not healthy , put it that way , one beer a night is perfect , try having one a night

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