Does anyone here binge? i wanna stop...?!

Question: Does anyone here binge? i wanna stop...?
I pig out sometimes, once every two days...I'm really tired of me not being able to control this.
Food is my escape, when I feel sad or depressed I binge.
I don't wanna do that anymore, I'm trying to have a positive outlook on life and all.
But still sometimes I binge, after I do that I try throwing up but I can't, so I run and exercise to lose the calories.
I'm not fat, I weight 145 and I'm 5'8. And I also wish I could be thinner, I'm not bulimic or anorexic.
All I wanna do is stop pigging out on food! I wanna loose weight the healthy right way. Not the throwing up or not eating way.
So I really need advice. Serious answers please.


I was a bulimic for a while, and I just recently decided to stop. I never really had a healthy diet, but being that my metabolism was amazingly fast, I had always been "little miss thin". But I had an allergic reaction to some medication once and I was put on steroids. Most people know this, but steroids make you hungry... REALLY hungry. So I began bingeing outrageously. Every single day. Usually around bedtime. For the first month, I didn't gain enough weight to alarm me, so I continued bingeing without caring much. But by the second, third, and fourth I blew up like a balloon, and yes everyone noticed. I already had gone off the steroids, but bingeing had become a habit so i continued to binge and gain weight. When I finally realized how big I was getting, I tried to make myself throw up everything I ate (this is when I became bulimic), but I wasn't losing any weight. It actually just kind of made me bloated. I kept thinking the bloating would go away once my body got used to it, so I still made myself throw up. After I had gained about 25 pounds in such a short amount of time and realized that throwing up was NOT making me lose any weight and only making my appearance worse (in more ways than just my stomach since making yourself throw up also makes your face break out and many other downsides),I decided it was time to stop. Ever since then, I have been eating 5 times a day and exercising faithfully (not over exercising) . I am much happier now. But the point is, the whole binge eating thing and the purgeing.. It's completely will power. The only way you're ever going to make yourself stop is if you MAKE yourself stop. No one can help you but you. And another thing, I know that when I wanted to binge, I craved the sweets. But if you wanna take this one baby step at a time, start by changing what you binge on. Pig out on some veggies instead of cookies. Or eat an apple instead of one big chocolate sundae. Or take even smaller steps by eating some rice cakes or something to that effect being that rice cakes aren't particulary healthy either. But don't take too many baby steps. Work quickly towards finding a diet that works for you and there are plenty out there that never let you be hungry. (Even though I already know it's usually cravings and not hunger that compels you to binge.) And you can find something else to be your "escape". Like hanging out with your friends or something. Everyone's different, so like I said, just find what works for you.

Oh, and btw, if you throw it up, you ARE bulimic. You said you can't but when you do, you are bulimic. Right now, you're just an attempted bulimic lol.

Hope it helped. (:

Try eating healthy snacks: celery, carrots, salads, brocolli, or other nutrional snacks. Do not make yourself vomit as it is not good for the linings in your stomach, intestines, and esphogus. Keep a jar handy for when you want to binge by putting 25 cents in the jar when you want to have a gooey donut or cookie. Good Luck!

I do this, every 5-6 days, and it causes a lot of problems.

Even when i dont feel like eating anymore, its just this compulsion to, all the time. i do know where youre coming from.

maybe we could help each other? my emails if you want to

Try oxy pro elite and lots of cardio. Oxy pro elite will suppress your feeling to binge.

nah i dont binge just alcoholic

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