What does eyeballing vodka do?!

Question: What does eyeballing vodka do?
I'm not going to do it, I don't drink! But I have seen it on tv and was wondering does it actually make you drunk faster etcccc and does it harm your eyes? And if it does get you drunk, how?!


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eyeball paul hahaha i have not seen that film in ages.

It introduces the alcohol into your system slightly faster. There's tons of idiotic ways to do it because all sorts of membranes in your body will transfer alcohol directly to the bloodstream. You can even bathe in alcohol and some of it will be absorbed. You know why we do it through the stomach lining? Because it's really efficient and has few drawbacks.

Yes, it will hurt your eyes. Alcohol is a dehydrator and a severe irritant. What's really idiotic is that you can't really put much in your eyes because the membrane area is so small. The tiny amount you'd get in will be absorbed faster, but you won't be able to put nearly as much in as if you used your stomach. If you want alcohol in your bloodstream you'd be better off just drinking it.

Your eye absorbs any liquid that touches it so this means that the vodka goes straight into your system rather than going through your stomach, it just speeds things up a bit. This is what I have heard anyway I'm no medic haha. It really stings and makes your eye all red and sore after. I wouldn't recommend it just seems like a current fad even though its been around for ages.

You are supposed to be able to get a buzz quicker doing it ...thatss bullshit it only harms your eyes..i read something bout it where someone said that pouring alcohol into your eye will literally blind you cause severe scarring and pain if you do it over a prolonged period ..or something along those lines.

read thiss http://www.nowpublic.com/health/vodka-ey… ;)

Better off not doing it!



I remember watching someone do this on Kevin and Perry Go Large, wondered the same thing myself. I heard to get you drunker, quicker because it gets into your system quicker than if yu drank it. Very stupid though...diffinitely not worth a try!

you could get blind but still you will get drunk lol like hammered just put vodka in a shot glass and put your eye on it and let the vodka touch your eye lol

If you are considering this, you shouldn't be consuming alcohol.

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