I have a friend that has A DUI several times he's 50 not a hard core drinker just had bad luck!?!

Question: I have a friend that has A DUI several times he's 50 not a hard core drinker just had bad luck!?
He has to go to alcohol classes 2 times a week and has to do a pee test 2 times a week .
That part of his HARD CORE PROBATION
He cant drink out all not even a beer .. Were trying to find a way where we can have a 1 beer or mixed drink with out letting the probation correction people No... i work with him. and it driving him nuts. There plenty products at the head shops???
They due urine test 2 times a week on him i think they can find out by the enzines in his digestive track what products or suggestion do you know of?????
let me know


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If he can't do without alcohol for the period of his probation then he has greater problems than being a casual drinker. If he wants to keep or reinstate his license he better follow the rules or it may be taken away for a loooooooooong time.

No sorry -> stricter the probation more they will monitor and check for even a drop.

Guess what? It's not bad luck. He's endangered people's lives and I've got zero pity for someone who finally got busted and smacked with probation. Sucks to be him, tell him to stop trying to kill people. I don't care how nice a guy he is.

Your answer: tests can detect alcohol for up to 80 hours after you drink it. It's not measuring alcohol, it's measuring the byproducts of your liver metabolizing alcohol, which lasts for days. If you drink a ton of water it does nothing except dilute the urine and red-flag the test. I can also assure you that the test makers make tons of money by knowing how people are going to cheat the test. They know where the head shops are, too and they'll straight up fail him. Then he'll get a nice anklet that detects alcohol instantly that he'll get to pay thousands for. He'll get a nice alcohol sensor for his car's ignition that costs thousands more and his lawyer will thank him heartily for the big, fat checks. Your friend needs to suck it up and accept responsibility for his mistakes and you need to stop rationalizing for him.

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