what are the best quality electronic cigarettes money can buy?!

Question: What are the best quality electronic cigarettes money can buy?
Iam looking for some good electronic cigarettes to buy but I dont know which ones to get and from where yet


Hey there Mike ....I would have to say If u want quality and a good price then I would recommend these Vaporboro electronic cigarettes my wife bought for me online ..Im 100 percent satisfied with the quality and goods these Vaporboro have to offer. I will remain to smoke cancer free with these for either the rest of my life or a very long time ~I hope u give these a try as I find these to be the best electronic cigarettes money can buy ...you can buy these online at this adress ~~ www.nugensmokes.com/105.html~~

I wish u the best of luck to a cancer free smokeing lifestyle :) truly ur friend Robert M.


I got blucigs for christmas, as far as best for the price id say they are. You can get some strong hits sometimes, sometimes youll suck on it 3 times in a row and get little. but for 60 buks its not bad.

www.xhaleo2.com sells a good E-cig

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