Stopping drunks - electronic cards to buy alcohol?!

Question: Stopping drunks - electronic cards to buy alcohol?
I thought about introducing electronic cards to buy alcohol, the chips inside the cards will allow you to buy 1 alcoholic drink or unit per week, and can be changed by your doctor depending on your circumstances.

Supermarkets should be forced by the government to set up the system, I see it could be abused but something is better than nothing.


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BIG BROTHER! no thanks mate. What happens next is governments regulate what and how much food we eat, what and how much exercise we get, and any other lifestyle choice we currently have in a free society. You need to read George Orwell's 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.
After this read Animal Farm by Orwell.…

I don't need anybody let alone a government telling me with what, how much, and when to clean my ***.

With the exception of Sweden, all democracies let people do what what they want with their money and if they want to drink themselves to death, they can. 1 unit per week - blimey! Remind me not to come around to your house for a party.

I agree (from personal experience with a family member) that alcoholism is the scurge of modern society but something so draconian and with such a huge impact on the sensible majority probably wouldn't be popular. I'd say that anyone who ends up getting in trouble with the police because of drunkeness should have an implant of a medication called 'Antabuse' inserted under the skin. The tablet form of this drug is given to some severe alcoholics as mixing this drug and booze will make them really sick (so it's a good incentive to stop). A 5-year-lasting implant version imposed on anyone who gets so drunk that it affects society at large would be a far better solution as it wouldn't prevent the majority of us enjoying a few drinks once in a while but would punish/treat alcoholics.

HA I think that'd be interesting, and kind of funny. Could you imagine the uproar???!!! But honestly, one drink doesn't really effect most people, I think it'd be more fair and realistic to set a limit to a six pack. (believe it or not that'd reduce a large number in itself). This kind of reminds me of my idea on setting child limits. I was talking with my mom one day and said "I bet if people were only allowed to have 6 kids, it's help our country out a lot." She said "You'd have to set it to a much smally number" But what I tried to explain was "Just because it's a limit, doesn't mean everyone would have 6 kids, it'd just effect those people who have 10-15 kids. So it'd help with our debt, along with other problems a lot."

Sorry to ramble though, I just have a bad habit of using analogies. O_o

Yeah right, that's really going to work.

How do you stop someone bringing in alcohol from abroad? Are you going to force all other countries to take part?

All that would do is push alcohol sales underground, and mean the government lost the tax revenue from legitimate sales of alcohol.

Never going to happen, and never should happen.

PS: This site is for QUESTIONS, not STATEMENTS, so when posting here please include a question instead of simply posting daft ideas.

you know that this can kill the economy right and can disturb the income of the government,the government wont i think,if anyone who ends up getting in trouble to the police because of alcohol consumption they should be forced to have this system.

Uummm... Look up Prohibition.
It's been done.
Was a complete and utter failure.

Once liquor became illegal, people who previously DIDN'T drink STARTED.
It was all the rage to do something illegal.
Besides -- cards can be stolen, forged, SOLD.
Illegals do it with Food stamps and Welfare EVERY DAY.

Where you been?

dumbas$, you know that this would kill the economy right? You would kill local stores, local pubs, chain restaurants, huge breweries, distilleries and you would cause riots all across the country, not to mention that one drink a day is not bad for you. Also, the majority of people are not alcoholics.

Yes, limiting personal freedom...great idea!

just kidding.

let freedom ring................

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