How would a convo go when buying weed?!

Question: How would a convo go when buying weed?
I was wondering what people say when buying weed. How they ask to buy some. What they would say after buying weed.


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No conversation.
Jus han em a fity.

~The Fat Man

when we pick up

well since me and my friend (were both girls) know our dealer kind of well if we were to pick up at lunch or when theres alot of people around one of us would hug him, grab the stuff from his hood and then slip the money in his pocket. maybe talk a bit and then just walk away

or we do that 'guy' and shake (without bumping shoulders) and just slip it across. when we do that we dont really talk. just a short hello-goodbye

when im trying to buy i text my friend and she will text the dealer and hell get it that way

and when i ask in person id say
'for lunch ill trade you 40 grapes for 2 grahm crackers' ($40 for 2g)
and he'd say which day to pick up

personal experience

I'm pretty friendly with my dealer- we knew each other before I started smoking. It goes like this:

Hey, can I pick up from you this week?
Yeah, how much?
Meh, an eighth.
Yeah, I got you. Monday good?
Yeah that's fine.

So then on monday I track him down, and we do the whole like hey, what's up, acting normal kind of thing. Then this:
Yo, so do you have my bud?

So I give him my $$$ and he gives me my weed, I say thank you and we all live happily ever after.

If you know your contact then a normal conversation about anything. If you don't know your contact then just a basic convo with as little information as possible. After you have the product and they have the cash then you say 'cya later man' and take off.

buyer - can I get some weed
seller - yes - how much
buyer - x amount
seller - x amount of cash
buyer - thanks
seller - no worries
buyer - bye
seller - bye

hey man, you got a 50 i can buy?
yah man... one sec.
*exchange $$$ and weed"
cool, thanks.

Depends if you know the person or not.

I agree with the fat man

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